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The History of Moulin d’Hauterives

In 1991, Etienne Hardin, the third monk at the Citeaux Abbey, wrote the charity charter which set the fundations for the Cistercians rules. He advised the monks to live a modest life and divide their time between spiritual exercices et working the land.  Thus implying that working the land was also a way to devote onself to heaven.

The Moulin D’Hauterives was built in the XII century, where the brothers Lais harvested walnuts and pressed them for the oil.

Agriculture and the vineyards of the region enriched the monastic order however, this wealth contradicted the number one rule of a modest existence. It was transformed into a flour mill in the XVII century.

In the 1900s, due to the industrial revolution, the flour mill was powered using products derived from petrol rather than water, as in the past.

It closed in 1962 and was transformed into a hotel restaurant in 1977 by Mister and Misses Moille, the current landlords.